Dentures Hurstville

Dentures may be recommended as the most appropriate solution to restore a healthy and natural looking smile.

Dentures are one of the eldest and most widely recognisable tooth replacement solutions. Dentures can replace a complete row or full mouth of teeth. They can also be used to replace single or multiple teeth sitting discretely between existing teeth.

Complete and partial dentures

Complete dentures are used when most teeth are missing. Your dentist will begin by removing the few existing teeth so that that the complete denture can be fitted. A mould of the gums is made and sent away to a custom dental lab so the denture can be made. Partial dentures are created using a similar process and are used when patients might have only a few teeth missing.

Post procedure

Immediately post procedure dentures will most likely feel uncomfortable as the gums are not accustomed to contact with the new material. When first placed, dentures should be worn continually for the first couple of days to help control the swelling that might be present.

Eating may feel uncomfortable and awkward as you adjust to the new dentures, because of this, soft foods are recommended for the first couple of weeks, or until you have adjusted comfortably.

Dentures Hurstville

Looking after your dentures

While dentures will typically last around the five year mark, they can last a lot longer with the proper care and cleaning. Dentures should be cleaned and maintained daily. Once the initial healing process is over and the swelling subsided, it is recommended that the dentures be left out over-night allowing the gums to breath. To avoid the dentures warping or disfiguring they should be left in water overnight.

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