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Our range of dental treatments can help you achieve overall positive oral health

General dentistry is essential for those hoping to maintain overall positive dental health. While attending a regular dental check-up may seem costly and inconvenient, it is actually a smart and financially beneficial long term move. Attending a dental check-up allows your dentist to identify any possible complications and treat them in their early stages, removing the need for long-term expensive and painful treatments.

At Plaza Dental Centre we strongly promote general dentistry measures as they allow us to focus on prevention rather than treatment. Unlike other dental practices, we strive to build strong relationships with our patient community. This means taking the time to understand each individual smile, to help build a treatment plan for patients to look after their teeth and maintain positive oral health between dental visits.

General dentistry is the section of dentistry that focuses on prevention, identification of potential issues, and the required information and care required to take a positive overall approach to oral health.

We strive to help each and every one of our patients achieve and maintain their healthy and natural smile, and our range of treatments reflects this.

Benefits of keeping a healthy smile

Keeping good oral health through general dentistry has a number of outreaching benefits that go beyond the appearance and health of your smile. Having a healthy smile will also encourage you to keep an overall healthy lifestyle. Recent studies are now proving beyond a doubt that the health of your smile is often a reflection of your overall health. Learning to keep a healthy smile can help you live a healthy lifestyle!

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During a general check-up at our Hurstville practice, our principal dentist – Dr Nolly can provide you with a thorough clean while checking for any potential oral issues. Rest assured you will never be given any extra treatment without prior consult, nor will you ever be recommended a treatment that is unnecessary for your smile.

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