Orthodontics Sydney

Making the decision to undergo orthodontic treatment can be tough, but it also presents a range of potential benefits ranging from visual to health and function.

There are a number of ways to correct oral misalignment, orthodontic options are best discussed with a dental professional to determine which procedure is best suited to address your particular oral concerns and help you achieve the best results.

Dr Nolly is trained in orthodontic care, and following proper assessment, can provide you with details of the most appropriate and suitable orthodontic treatment.

TRU-LINE Invisible Orthodontic System

Plaza Dental Centre offers Truline invisible orthodontics. An exciting new way to straighten teeth without the discomforts of traditional braces.

How Truline works

A series of transparent aligners are used at different stages throughout the treatment process. Each aligner is used to gradually adjust the teeth until the desired result is achieved, usually for intervals of two weeks. Aligners should be worn full time but can be removed for eating, drinking or cleaning.

Am I suitable for Truline?

A dental professional is going to be the best person to determine the answer to this question. Truline has been most effectively used to treat mild to moderate crowding. TRU-LINE has also been used effectively to help patients who have previously worn braces but experienced shifting teeth since.

Some of the other common problems that can be treated with Truline include:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overcrowding
  • Crossbite, overbite and underbite

Benefits of Truline

Truline is designed to work with your lifestyle. They are practically invisible and come with a range of benefits including:

  • They are removable
  • There are no metal wires or bands to irritate the mouth
  • Most people won’t even notice you are wearing them

Orthodontic Treatment Sydney

Dr Nolly and the team at Plaza Dental Centre can work with you to ensure your Truline treatment plan is suitable for your lifestyle and help you achieve your dream smile.

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