Gap Free Clean

Health fund members could be eligible to receive a gap-free check up and clean.*

  • No excess payments
  • Improve the appearance of your smile
  • Reduce the chances of oral health complications
  • Simply bring your current health fund card to your appointment
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“The appearance and health of your teeth can dramatically influence your quality of life. If regular check-up appointments and professional cleaning are disregarded, it can lead to serious dental problems such as the build-up of tooth decay, tartar and in serious cases can cause general health complications.”

— Dr Neville Nolly

Gap-free clean Hurstville NSW *New patients only

Plaza Dental Centre is proud to be a leading oral care provider, now offering patients a gap-free clean treatment with no excess payments. The gap-free clean allows anyone to receive the best oral health care, without the financial restrictions. Our team can provide you with a thorough clean while checking for any potential oral issues.

Refresh your smile with our gap free clean

A skilled and highly trained dental practitioner can detect and dislodge bacterial plaque and any unfavoured build-up, which if left untreated can lead to periodontal disease. Stains or discolouration is removed with our advanced dental equipment, leaving you with a clean and refreshed smile. This can be caused by drinking tea, coffee, wine, or harmful smoking.

Applying the advised brushing technique and consistent flossing, plaque can be removed. However, in most cases, the plaque hasn’t been removed correctly and the bacteria releases toxins that irritate your gums and cause tooth decay. This can lead to further problems in the future that are both harming to your health and costly.

The most common complication for untreated plaque is the hard, tartar build-up. This cannot be removed with at-home brushing as the minerals in your saliva will deposit in the plaque causing it to solidify to your teeth. The tartar can only be removed by Plaza Dental Centre hygienists.

Importance of a dental clean

A professional dental clean is a common treatment and one of the most important, in regards to prevention and detection of oral health concerns. This simple process can help prevent advanced dental problems such as gum disease, as well as a host of other dental and general health problems.

How often do you require a clean

When you visit Plaza Dental Centre we will discuss your regular dental hygiene and the frequency of dental cleans we believe you should receive. It is recommended to visit your dental professional for a clean at 6-month intervals. The regularity of your clean can be determined by these individual aspects:

  1. Do you consume food and drinks that are prone to stain your teeth?
  2. Do you brush and floss your teeth correctly and regularly?
  3. Do you accumulate tartar on your teeth quickly?

If you follow the appropriate at-home oral hygiene routine coupled with the advised dental clean, you will have a greater chance of preventing dental problems and maintaining your natural teeth.

Plaza Dental Centre – Dentist Sydney

At Plaza Dental Centre, we aim to provide patients with the most advanced dental care and advice for your individual dental needs. We provide gap free cleaning to patients of all ages and all levels of dental hygiene.

For new patients looking to take advantage of our gap free clean offer, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

*For funds that cover $150

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