Virtually pain-free dentistry Sydney NSW

It is our mission to help everyone achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. In some cases, this means providing patients who have never before been comfortable visiting the dentist the ease and confidence they need.

Plaza Dental Centre offers a range of pain management options to suit your particular concerns and dental anxieties.

Modern dental technologies have given practices like ours the ability to provide patients the most comfortable and anxiety-free experience possible. Are you scared of visiting the dentist? Our modern dental practice is here to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and our range of advanced treatments mean there is no longer a need to let your anxieties get in the way of you achieving a beautiful smile.

Dental Lasers

Modern laser dental technology allows us to detect weakness in the tooth long before a visible diagnosis. From here, a simple air abrasion and clean can repair an issue that would otherwise have required injections and other invasive dental measures.

Diagnodent Laser

The Diagnodent (a laser technology used here at Plaza Dental Centre) emits a beam into the tooth to a depth of 2.5mm, providing readings of the different densities of tooth enamel. This makes it possible to detect and treat decay in the early stages.

SIROLaser Technology

SIROLaser technology is used to prevent painful and persisting inflammation, reducing the need for analgesics and antibiotics.

Virtually pain-free dentistry Sydney

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