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Preventative Dentistry at Plaza Dental Centre

Prevention-Based Dentistry in Hurstville

Problems like tooth decay and gum disease don’t have to wreck your smile. Our preventative approach to dental care is one that empowers our patients to significantly reduce their risk of everyday dental concerns, for stronger teeth in the years to come.

Illustration of dental chairChecks and Cleans

These “routine” visits are essential to identifying oral problems. As we thoroughly clean and evaluate your teeth, you can feel confident knowing that you’re doing everything possible to preserve them for life. Should we notice any premature signs of enamel demineralisation or gingivitis, we’ll share resources with you to reverse symptoms before they evolve into something more severe.

Illustration of dental xrayDiagnostic X-rays

Digital imaging makes it possible to provide more efficient and thorough assessment of decay, tooth development, orthodontic evaluations and upcoming restorative treatments. When taken at periodic intervals, X-rays are a safe and essential part of your preventative dental care. We also incorporate dental lasers to pinpoint small lesions before they’re visible on radiographs.

Concerns About Snoring and Sleeping Disorders

Certain forms of sleep apnoea are affected by the oral anatomy near the back of your mouth, where the upper airway can become blocked during sleep. Working closely with your dentist is a safe alternative for individuals with obstructive sleep apnoea who are also CPAP intolerant.

Do You Suffer From TMJ Disorder (TMD)?

A protective splint can train your jaw muscles to relax, easing tension associated with TMD, ear pain, migraine headaches and worn teeth. Ask for a TMJ evaluation during your next checkup.

Book a Visit Twice Per Year

Schedule your check and clean today to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime. As we consider your holistic oral and overall health needs, we work closely with you to minimise the risk of future dental concerns. Call now to reserve an appointment.


* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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