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Root Canal at Plaza Dental Centre

Gone are the days where getting a root canal meant uncomfortable surgery that left you debating removing your tooth. Today, we’re able to preserve your natural tooth to prevent an extraction and unnecessary replacement. After all, there’s nothing quite like having the healthy smile that nature intended!

Illustration of inside of toothWhy Do I Need a Root Canal?

When a tooth has suffered from some form of trauma, fracture or decay that affects the nerve inside of it, the tissues become inflamed and infected. The pressure of the swelling can lead to severe pain as well as an abscess (fistula) along the gums near the tip of the root.

To prevent the pain and swelling from recurring, it’s essential to remove the nerve and fill the inner chamber of the tooth, sealing out new bacteria. Left untreated, the infection can spread elsewhere in the mouth and cause the tooth to deteriorate.

After getting a root canal, you’ll have a crown made to fit over the tooth and protect the brittle enamel left behind. When properly cared for, you can keep endodontically treated teeth for several years or up to a lifetime.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Thanks to technologically advanced equipment, we can perform virtually painless root canals as well as other types of treatment. In reality, electing to have endodontic therapy is the best way to prevent unwanted toothaches. As with any routine dental surgery, we will numb the area being worked on to prevent you from feeling discomfort.

Schedule an Exam and X-Ray

The only way to know for certain if you need a root canal is to have your tooth evaluated and an X-ray to assess the inner structures around the nerve. If you’re exhibiting sensitivity to heat or pressure, be sure to let us know straightaway. Request your appointment now.


* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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